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In the St. Louis area, we are lucky enough to have one of the nation’s best law schools. Washington University School of Law is one of these institutions and its rankings and numbers are currently at an all-time high being ranked 17th and the 1L class was top 10 in the nation. As a native St. Louisian and member of the law community, it’s my honor to work with and support the Washington University Law School program in several capacities.

For 9 years, I’ve served as an adjunct professor for Washington University. Throughout this time I’ve taught courses on Corporations, Business Acquisitions, and Tax, and every year I find more truth in the phrase “the more I teach the more I learn.” The intellect of the students and the tenured faculty are some of the finest in the nation. To ensure more students are able to pursue their interest in law at Washington University, I serve as Chairperson of the Law School Eliot Society. Our group works in conjunction with the university’s advancement department to increase giving and organizing special events for the alumni that give at the Eliot Level. Additionally, I’m honored to annually support the Christopher S. Swiecicki Scholarship at the Law School. This is an annual scholarship for a law student that has an interest in tax law.

Being able to assist the Law School and its students is simply a privilege and I look forward to continuing to support Washington University’s Law School and help impact the future of the law school.